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Abacus Market is a relatively new and small darknet marketplace, notable for its simple design and straightforward shopping experience. The market strictly prohibits the sale of child pornography but is otherwise lenient due to its currently limited number of vendors. Consequently, a variety of other items are permitted, though not yet widespread. Abacus is easy to use but somewhat disorganized, offering an eclectic mix of products ranging from drugs and fraud-related items to unique offerings with unconventional descriptions. The market exclusively supports Monero (XMR) and employs a simple payment system for each order, attracting a niche user base.

While user-friendly, Abacus is recognized by its administrators as a work-in-progress. Planned enhancements include auto-withdrawal, dark mode, Bitcoin and Recon reviews integration, comment notifications, an improved messaging system, a forum, an exchange, 2FA fixes, and a better search engine. This approach to listings grants vendors more flexibility in what they can sell for XMR, making Abacus a market of interest due to its less restrictive nature.

Product Categories on Abacus

Despite its smaller scale, Abacus has distinct categories for items less common in other 2022 markets. These include drugs, fraud, hacking, counterfeits, and defense/intelligence, with several subcategories under each. The most frequented subcategories are cannabis, stimulants, and opiates, but the ‘Other’ section in fraud is extensive, featuring typical how-to guides. The market also hosts unique offerings like “hacker for hire” services, malware, and data dumps, maintaining a “wild west” market atmosphere with an “anything goes” philosophy.

Accessing Abacus Market: A Guide

To explore Abacus, follow these steps:

  1. Install Tor Browser: Download and install Tor to access .onion sites on the darknet, ensuring user and website anonymity.
  2. Visit Abacus: Access the site through Tor using this link: [http://abacusjovcecknviyskrct7v6pzexnrolpbz2y54nt2siv3osz72ymad.onion].
  3. Create an Account: Register with a strong password and an anonymous username, keeping your personal information separate from darknet activities.
  4. Acquire Cryptocurrency: Obtain Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) for purchases, choosing a trustworthy exchange.
  5. Start Browsing: After funding your account, explore and shop on Abacus, researching sellers and products before buying.


Abacus provides an intriguing glimpse into the darknet, offering a wide array of services and products not found on the mainstream internet. Its user-friendly nature and diverse offerings make it a unique marketplace in the darker corners of the online world. However, it’s important to remember the potential legal and ethical implications of activities on these platforms. Caution and awareness are advised when navigating the darknet.

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