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Elysium Market represents a significant part of the modern darknet landscape, operating through the Tor network to ensure user anonymity. As an active marketplace, it offers a wide array of illegal goods and services, continuing the legacy of its darknet predecessors.

Operation and Accessibility

Elysium operates using the Tor network, which anonymizes user IPs and locations, making it challenging for authorities to track activities. Access to Elysium requires specific software that enables connection to the Tor network, and transactions are usually conducted in cryptocurrencies to further safeguard user anonymity.

Offered Goods and Services

The marketplace is known for its extensive range of illegal offerings. These include narcotics, counterfeit products, and unauthorized digital goods. The platform facilitates anonymous buying and selling, attracting users and vendors interested in conducting transactions outside the purview of law enforcement.

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Market Rules (Updated April 2024)

Please read the market rules, if you break any of these rules your account will be terminated or suspended. Listing prohibited items will result in account termination.

Market rules apply to both vendors and buyers

No child porn allowed in any form. No child porn listings or posting images on the forum including hidden sections and private messages.

No child exploitation listings including blackmail or hacked teenager's cam including hidden sections and private messages.

No weapon listings.

No No 3d weapon listings.

No terrorism related material or terrorism discussion allowed.

No No Zoophilia or Necrophilia listings.

No human organ or body part listings.

No fentanyl or fentanyl analogues.

NoNo Nitazenes or Nitazenes analogues.

No hitman services, stalking services, harassment services, human trafficking or prostitution.

No doxxing, no blackmailing, do not attempt or threaten to unmask any user.

No animal or animal organ listings allowed.

Vendors are not permitted to rent/loan their vendor accounts to another user.

Please note Market staff can see your hidden/private listings if you attempt to bypass the rules by making a hidden listing you will be banned without warning.

Treat each other with respect this includes all market staff, buyers or vendors. If you have a difficult customer or vendor please do not issue threats talk to one another civilly and try to work out the issue.

All prohibited items are also prohibited on the forum, including hidden sections and private messages.

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