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How to use I2P? Secure & Anonymous Internet Browsing


Using I2P, the Invisible Internet Project, involves several steps to ensure secure and anonymous communication over the internet. I2P is a network layer that allows for encrypted private messaging and the use of various services over a network of computers that provide these services to each other. The following step-by-step guide is designed to help you get started with I2P:

1. Download and Install I2P

  • Download I2P: Go to the official I2P website ( and download the I2P installation package suitable for your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux).
  • Install I2P: Run the installer and follow the instructions. On Linux, this may involve extracting the package and running a script from the terminal.

2. Run I2P and Configure Initial Settings

  • Start I2P: After installation, open I2P. This might involve running a shortcut on your desktop or executing a command in the terminal.
  • Configure I2P: The first time you run I2P, you may need to go through an initial configuration wizard. This will help you set up your network settings and preferences.

3. Configure Your Browser

To access I2P sites (eepsites), you need to configure your web browser to use I2P as a proxy.

  • General Browser Settings: You typically need to set the HTTP proxy to `` and the port to `4444`. These settings can be found in the network or proxy settings of your browser.
  • Firefox Example: Go to `Options` > `General` > `Network Settings` > `Settings`, and then configure the manual proxy configuration with the I2P settings.

4. Visit I2P Sites

  • Accessing Eepsites: With your browser configured, you can access eepsites, which are sites hosted within the I2P network. These sites often end in `.i2p`.
  • I2P Router Console: You can also visit your I2P Router Console by navigating to `` in your browser. This page provides information on your I2P network status, active tunnels, and settings.

5. Explore I2P Services

I2P offers various services, including email, file sharing, and instant messaging. Explore these services to make full use of the I2P network.

6. Stay Updated and Secure

  • Update I2P: Ensure that your I2P software is always updated to the latest version to benefit from the latest features and security improvements.
  • Practice Safe Browsing: Even within I2P, it’s essential to practice safe browsing habits. Be cautious about sharing personal information and downloading files.

Additional Tips

  • Patience is Key: I2P can be slower than the regular internet because your traffic is routed through several other computers to provide anonymity and security.
  • Seek Community Help: If you encounter issues, the I2P website and forums are great resources for troubleshooting and advice.

By following these steps carefully and considering the unique aspects of the I2P network, you can navigate and use I2P effectively while maintaining your privacy and security online. Remember, the goal of I2P is to offer a layer of protection that standard internet browsing does not provide, so taking the time to understand and correctly set up I2P is crucial.

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