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TorZon Market is a darknet marketplace that emerged in September 2022, focusing predominantly on illicit goods such as drugs, though it also offers digital products and services. The platform is accessed exclusively via Tor browser using dedicated .onion links, ensuring privacy and security for its users.

The market accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero, with Monero being preferred due to its enhanced privacy features. TorZon operates a central wallet system but allows walletless payments at checkout for added convenience. User security is a high priority, featuring mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) through PGP, and a personal phrase to verify the authenticity of the site during login processes.

Registration on TorZon requires a username, password, and the creation of a 6-digit PIN used for 2FA. Upon account setup, users receive a mnemonic code important for account recovery. The market’s interface resembles other darknet markets but includes unique features like raffles and a detailed vendor feedback system to enhance user experience and trust.

Vendor participation requires a $200 bond, with established vendors sometimes eligible for waivers. TorZon enforces strict rules prohibiting certain types of goods and insists on all transactions remaining within the platform to prevent scams.


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📜 Vendor rules

  1. The distribution/trading of the following services/products is strictly prohibited on TorZon Market:
    Child porn, Prostitution, Poison, Fentanyl, Hitman services, Weapons.
  2. The use of PGP is a prerequisite for being a Vendor in our market.
  3. There is no refund for the Vendor fees in USD 400 (Bitcoin | Monero).
  4. All orders auto-finalize 14 days after they are shipped.
    The customer has the option to extend the timer twice for 7 days,
    and Basic-Plus + Premium customers have the option to extend the timer three times for 7 days.
  5. The vendor is only allowed to accept orders and mark them as shipped if the order has actually been shipped.
  6. The vendor must add the products to the correct category.
  7. It is forbidden to put a product online more than once, unless it is staggered.
  8. The dissemination of any sensitive customer data is strictly prohibited and may result in the Vendor being banned.
  9. The product description must be very accurate and must not contain misleading information.
  10. Vendors are not allowed to ask customers to finalize early.
  11. Any form of communication and commerce outside of our marketplace is strictly prohibited.
  12. We expect you to be friendly to other users and become a helpful member of this community.
  13. Vendor must use their own product images. If stolen images are discovered, vendor will be confronted or potentially banned.
    It is assumed that vendor does not own the products.
  14. Dropshipping and sharing customer data(addresses or other informations) with third-party providers is prohibited and may result in a ban.

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